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The Time Has Come

Well, it has been a good, long, FUN experience, but the theme-a-week blog is officially closed. Each of the contributing photographers is pursuing her craft in her own preferred way and available time. Please leave a farewell comment and let us know where in the big wide web to find your photos!!


Anita said...

As a founding member, I'm sorry to see this come to an end, but it has been a really great experience and so much fun!

My photos are posted, periodically, at and

I'm excited to be part of a new collaboration as well. That work can be found at

shannon m. said...

Thanks so much for keeping the blog going Anita! I've loved seeing everyone's interpretation of the variety of themes every week. I have to admit, I am sad it's coming to an end. I would love to keep up with everyone's photography if you have a blog. Please do post your personal blog link. Here's mine

I'm excited to see what comes from the collaboration!

SherreeMurray said...

I also hate to see this come to an end. I have loved seeing all the pics and I have learned from every member of this group, so thank you for that. My camera had to go to the hospital but when I get it back, my pics can be seen at

Thanks, everyone! Sherree

Christi L. said...

I'm sad too. This was one tiny way I still felt connected to you guys. You can see my pics at
sometimes I even get to sit down long enough to upload some to it. ;-)

I got PSE from Anita while we were in Texas and hope to get it loaded and start playing soon. Wish me luck girls! I miss you guys!!!

Shona Cole said...

Phew! we did good going this long!

I am at

from there you can hop to my Flickr account.

Anonymous said...

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